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Sacred Esoteric Healing

This gentle hands-on healing technique is applied to the fully clothed body. It addresses a broad range of conditions and allows for the re-connection to our eternal essence and thus settlement within the body.

The re-connection to our essence is deeply healing and expansive. Many people find that they can then more easily connect to this quality in their daily life, with huge benefits to their awareness and personal health.


Personalised programmes available for long-term or deeply ingrained issues.

Energetic Facial Release

This deeply relaxing gentle facial massage works to release tension held in the face and jaw which mirrors tension and areas of disharmony in the body.

This tender and precise treatment brings radiance to the face as it helps to release the burden of emotional tension and gently reveals the ‘true you’.


Esoteric Connective

Tissue Therapy (ECTT)

This healing therapy works with the connective tissue which is the foundational fabric of the body that holds all the varying tissues together and is a channel for connection and communication. Any injury, stress (physical, mental or emotional) and/or forceful movement will cause the tissue to harden, compromising its integrity and our wellbeing.

The gentle hands-on rhythmic movements of ECTT initiate the body’s own healing abilities and help it to  discard all that is not harmonious or conducive to our health.  This enables the body to restore integrity and harmony resulting in increased vitality, overall health and wellbeing, leaving the person feeling relaxed and spacious in their body. 

ECTT address a vast array of energetic, physical and emotional conditions, including common musculoskeletal ailments. It is gently applied to the fully clothed body and is a tender and powerful support for people of all ages and from all walks of life. For in-depth information visit


This powerful modality supports with acute and chronic conditions alike. The client is encouraged to discard the stresses and hurts of life that cap vitality and fullness of expression. Chakra-puncture is a beneficial complement to conventional medical treatment. Detox programmes for all forms of addiction are also available.

Very fine needles are gently inserted into the skin in precise configurations to ignite specific Nadis, the 45,000 energy centres in the body. For in-depth information visit


Esoteric Massage

This gentle yet powerful technique supports the body to rid itself of ingrained energetic and physical disharmony and dysfunction. It helps to restore the true flow of energy and enables the body to return to its natural and unhindered physical movement and expression.

Esoteric Massage is unique in its approach, applying targeted and gentle rhythmic movements in specific configurations. It can be used to treat the whole body or address a specific area or issue. Esoteric Massage  is deeply stilling and relaxing, enabling the body to release tension, drop its protection and let go. 

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